Advantages and Disadvantage of Using Epoxy Countertop

Nowadays, epoxy is among the most innovative refinishing systems that can be accessed on the market. Most of the time, epoxy could be directly used on top of existing countertops or it can be used to create a new and durable foundation. This enables the homeowners to have their existing are transformed into something great and unique. To know more about the epoxy countertop, here are their advantages when used: 


  • Epoxy can serve as a sealer. Using this is one of the most typical means of finishing concrete countertops due to its healing properties. The liquid gets seeped into the concrete’s pores to offer it more resiliency and strength against stains.  
  • Epoxy can be utilized on top of most countertop materials, such as wood, Formica, metal, ceramic, concrete, and laminate to name a few. 
  • It’s easy to clean epoxy countertops. Nearly any cleaning product can be utilized on the surface without being concerned about destroying it. Since epoxy can make a surface nonporous, it won’t be able to be prone to microorganisms like fungi, yeast, bacteria, and more, making it an ideal and safe place where you can prepare food.  
  • This material provides a durable finish. Epoxy can make a solid surface to last for many years as it offers a long-lasting and glossy shine that does not require more coatings in order to maintain its fresh look. In comparison to coatings like varnishes, epoxy won’t fade or become dull. Aside from that, this material is 5 times more shock resistant and durable compared to concrete. This only means that its surface can endure something heavy dropped on it and expect that it won’t break. 
  • Epoxy countertops potentially offer wide and unlimited designs because they give the most overall versatility in terms of color and pattern. The appearance of granite or marble can be mimicked at a much lower price than the natural stone. Since epoxy foes down as liquid, which will then be transformed into a solid surface, the countertop will be seamless. Because of this, a continuous color and pattern can be achieved without making interruptions.   
  • Epoxy is inherently a high-gloss finish. An epoxy countertop is an ideal option to select when you want to achieve a polished and glossy surface for your bathroom or kitchen. It’s hard to look for a product that’ll provide you as much shine for a cheaper price as this one.  
  • Epoxy can resist heat up to 500° F. A hot dish or pan can be set on the surface without being worried about the possible risk or damage that could happen to it. 
  • Epoxy is non-toxic and food-safe. The right epoxy countertop is recognized as non-toxic. As soon as the curing procedure is finish, it will be a food-safe surface also.  

Now that you know the perks of epoxy countertops, you’re probably thinking about installing one in your kitchen, right? If this is the case, then reach out to the best kitchen remodelers today.  

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The Benefits of Regular Lawn Mowing

A home looks better with a trimmed lawn however there are other benefits besides the appeal it adds to your yard.  

Here are various benefits you can benefit from investing in regularly mowing your lawn. 

1. Grass that are stronger 

In order to attain a stronger grass in your lawn, you need to invest in mowing your lawn regularly. Ensuring that the grass in your lawn grows at the right height, ensures that it is at its healthiest, moreover, given that newer shoots bloom, the grass that are weaker will automatically be discarded through natural processes. The process of mowing provides you a healthier lawn given that the grass in your lawn has become healthier through mowing regularly. If you have been trying to make your lawn lush, then you should invest in mowing your lawn more.  

2. Grass growth is even 

The grass in your lawn can grow irregularly and one thing you can do to even out the growth of the grass in your lawn is through investing in mowing it regularly. Whenever you mow your lawn, you are actually giving it a uniform trim and if you do it regularly, for sure your lawn will be even in no time.  

3. Fast recovery from previous factors like pests and damage from natural disasters 

The grass in your lawn surely has its tough times. Maybe you encountered a recent infestation from pests or you are recovering from previous natural disasters like storm and others, through mowing your lawn is getting the help it needs to stimulate grass growth and further aiding it to be healthier.  

Make sure that you trim your lawn regularly because it can be more difficult to make it pretty and uniform the lesser time you spend in mowing it. 

4. Eliminate pests 

A lawn that has not been well trimmed or taken care of can grow very long and it can be enticing for pests to live in it. If your lawn has not been mowed or trimmed and has grown very tall grass or grown a lot of weeds, then you may be neighbors with the rodent and other pests. This will not only affect the appeal of your home but it will also bring harm to you and your family’s health.  

Through mowing your lawn in a regular manner, you are actually preventing problems like rodent infestation and other pest infestation. More than that, it is also a way to keep your family healthy while keeping your home’s lawn well maintained as well.   

Mowing may be a task we often forget to do specially if you are someone who is always busy running around for errands. However, you can easily manage your lawn through investing in people that will help you do it at your most convenient time. Professionals in the field of landscaping not only provide landscaping designs but helps in maintaining your lawn and even your trees. Whether you are going for lawn purposes or other garden related concerns, landscaping services in New Orleans has got you. Simply check out the website Nola Landscaping and get the help you need!  

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Tips to Choose a High-Quality Structured Cabling Contractor for Your House

For the most efficient operation and hassle-free structured cabling system, it’s important to ensure that you do your system properly. Listed below are the qualities you must search for in the structured cabling contractor you employ.  

Precise test result 

Trustworthy structured cabling installers should never anticipate you to take their word for it. Instead, they run precise assessments to show that your system can meet all the category standards. This can help you be at ease knowing that your structured cabling system will do what you expect from them. 

Certifications and standards should be considered 

Reputable cabling contractors always consider the local and state building codes with the utmost importance. Moreover, they make sure that their systems will meet all the certifications and standards, such as NECE, ANSI, TIA/EIA, and BICI. During your research, try to ask prospective contractors whether they consider these certifications and standards. 

The prospect system meets your needs 

All structured cabling systems are not equally created. Once you discuss with an employer and read over the comprehensive quote, can you detect whether the design can meet the needs you want now? And once something changes sooner or later, can the system potentially retrofit to match your needs then? The answers to such questions will help you identify whether you’ve selected the best structured cabling system provider for you and your business.  

Timely Installation 

The issue about company downtime is arguably the major obstacle to switch and move forward with structured cabling installation. Regardless if you’re upgrading your system, moving to a new location, or setting up a new one, your chosen cabling contractor must concentrate on making sure that your cabling system is functioning and running as fast as possible so that you can keep up with the crucial business operations. In terms of your needs, you can guarantee that the downtime will be restricted and reduced.  

Strong Customer Reviews 

The guinea pig of an installer is the last thing you want to be. Another way to ensure that a company will stay true to its claims is to compared the client reviews. Check whether they have happy clients who highlight the trustworthiness, problem-solving abilities, and prompt response time of the contractor. A contractor with such characteristics is guaranteed to match and provide what you need. 

Detailed and fair quote 

Speaking with at least 2-3 expert contractors for a structured cabling system is a smart thing to do so that you can compare quotes. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Meaning, when a single quote is considerably lower compared to the rest, reject it when it’s a true outlier. You should aim to get a detailed quote that leads to a fair price.  

Cable fiber termination 

While you add more bandwidth to your computer system, it’s highly important and crucial to terminate the cable fibers. If you have an expanded bandwidth in the future, your structured cabling system contractor must be able to correctly terminate cable fibers. 

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Myths About Tree Care

A lot of business owners and homeowners have particular concepts about tree care. However, most of them are just myths. A couple of myths related to particular applications and techniques when planting new trees, like pruning or staking. Some involve general tree care methods like applying mulch around trees or tree topping. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some tree care myths that you have to avoid, especially when you hire a Prime tree service company. 

Pile Up Mulch Against the Tree 

For homeowners, one of the most common myths in tree care is that they have to pile mulch right up against the tree. While mulching is great for trees, a regular mulching method is to stack it up against the trunk of the tree. They call this “volcano mulching”. It improves the possibilities of girdling roots and produces a pest-friendly environment.  

You need to apply mulch in a shape of a doughnut instead of a volcano. If you avoid volcano mulching, you’re greatly improving the growth and health of a tree.  

Topping is Needed if a Tree is Too Big 

One of the worst possible methods of tree pruning is topping a tree, despite the fact that a lot of individuals engage in this technique. Topping gets rid of a huge area of the canopy of a tree. This has a lot of disadvantages, like: 

  • Creating a lot of wounds that will be difficult for the tree to heal 
  • Causing great stress 
  • Greatly lowering the ability of the tree to create nutrients and gather sunlight 

Every single one of these disadvantages improves the possibility of the branches becoming infected and diseased. It can also fall off or break. Topping a tree is a bad technique often used if the trees are growing too big. Instead, it is better to have a careful assessment and pruning from a professional arborist.  

Heavily Prune a Tree After Planting 

Another common tree care myth regarding tree planting is that you’ve got to heavily prune the tree when planting. To generate plant hormones and food, trees require a complete crown. It will help encourage root health and growth. A couple of pruning techniques help encourage growth and excellent shape when properly done. However, improper or big cuts leave wounds that might be difficult for the tree to heal while utilizing its energy to grow and recover.  

Pruning needs to be structural for newly planted trees. The crown needs to stay full and you only have to get rid of damaged branches.  

You Have to Stake a Newly Planted Tree 

Another popular myth out there is that you have to stake a newly planted tree. Though a couple of trees do benefit if you stake them, it’s only an optional practice and might even have consequences. Trees have to establish strong root systems and excellent trunk tapers for long-term health. If you stake your tree, these can be affected. You should only stake a tree if: 

  • You’re living in a very windy location that can uproot trees 
  • The stems excessively bend without support 
  • Small root systems that are abnormal 
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