A lot of business owners and homeowners have particular concepts about tree care. However, most of them are just myths. A couple of myths related to particular applications and techniques when planting new trees, like pruning or staking. Some involve general tree care methods like applying mulch around trees or tree topping. 

Today, we’re going to share with you some tree care myths that you have to avoid, especially when you hire a Prime tree service company. 

Pile Up Mulch Against the Tree 

For homeowners, one of the most common myths in tree care is that they have to pile mulch right up against the tree. While mulching is great for trees, a regular mulching method is to stack it up against the trunk of the tree. They call this “volcano mulching”. It improves the possibilities of girdling roots and produces a pest-friendly environment.  

You need to apply mulch in a shape of a doughnut instead of a volcano. If you avoid volcano mulching, you’re greatly improving the growth and health of a tree.  

Topping is Needed if a Tree is Too Big 

One of the worst possible methods of tree pruning is topping a tree, despite the fact that a lot of individuals engage in this technique. Topping gets rid of a huge area of the canopy of a tree. This has a lot of disadvantages, like: 

  • Creating a lot of wounds that will be difficult for the tree to heal 
  • Causing great stress 
  • Greatly lowering the ability of the tree to create nutrients and gather sunlight 

Every single one of these disadvantages improves the possibility of the branches becoming infected and diseased. It can also fall off or break. Topping a tree is a bad technique often used if the trees are growing too big. Instead, it is better to have a careful assessment and pruning from a professional arborist.  

Heavily Prune a Tree After Planting 

Another common tree care myth regarding tree planting is that you’ve got to heavily prune the tree when planting. To generate plant hormones and food, trees require a complete crown. It will help encourage root health and growth. A couple of pruning techniques help encourage growth and excellent shape when properly done. However, improper or big cuts leave wounds that might be difficult for the tree to heal while utilizing its energy to grow and recover.  

Pruning needs to be structural for newly planted trees. The crown needs to stay full and you only have to get rid of damaged branches.  

You Have to Stake a Newly Planted Tree 

Another popular myth out there is that you have to stake a newly planted tree. Though a couple of trees do benefit if you stake them, it’s only an optional practice and might even have consequences. Trees have to establish strong root systems and excellent trunk tapers for long-term health. If you stake your tree, these can be affected. You should only stake a tree if: 

  • You’re living in a very windy location that can uproot trees 
  • The stems excessively bend without support 
  • Small root systems that are abnormal